Thief Steals SUV, Discovers Baby-On-Board – Calls Police And Waits Till They Arrive, Gets Arrested

A thief with a noble heart ensured the baby that was on board the SUV he stole, was returned safely to his parents; even if it meant getting arrested.

The police confirmed that a man, who stole an SUV with a baby in the back seat Sunday, later asked a passerby to call 911. He waited with the baby and the car until the police arrived. The police have taken the man into custody and charges against him are currently pending.

The Calgary Police Service was made aware of the stolen GMC Yukon with a 10-month-old boy in a car seat inside about 5:45 p.m. The car was jacked from a parking lot in the 10400 block of Macleod Tr. South. Interestingly, the thief didn’t have to use any of his skills to break into and steal the vehicle.

Horrifically, the mother left the vehicle running with the doors unlocked. She had left her baby in the backseat, while she and her two-year-old child went shopping at a nearby store. Apparently, the mother had no clue her vehicle, with her baby-on-board had been stolen. But for the police, the situation had already become top priority knowing an infant was involved, reported Calgary Sun.

Insp. Joel Matthews with Calgary police shared that all available units from across all city districts, that were not on high priority calls, dropped what they were doing to help. The police were just about to escalate the emergency level of the situation by activating the Amber Alert, when the missing child was found owing to the thief, unlike some, that had the humanity and courage to alert the authorities.

Apparently, the offender had pulled the SUV over in the 9800 block of Horton Rd. S.W. and flagged down a passerby, who called 911 about 6:10 p.m. He remained at the scene until EMS and police arrived. The baby was assessed by EMS and it was determined he was unharmed during the ordeal.

Though the man was taken into custody and charges were pending against him, Matthews is confident the offender did not realize there was a baby in the back of the SUV when it was taken; adding it merely seemed like the running vehicle was taken in a crime of opportunity,

“Fortunately things worked out as good as they could. The results could have been very serious. [But] I don’t think there was intent or that he knew that the baby was in the back initially.”

Nonetheless, the thief ended up reminding parents not leave their children or animals for that matter, unattended in their vehicles. Leaving the doors unlocked with the motor running was a clear invitation for any robber, added Matthews.

[Image Credit | Alamy via The Telegraph]