School Shooting Nightmare? Gun Control Video Asks Kids To Steal Guns, Bring Them To Teachers

A recent gun control video is advocating that children steal guns from their parents, bring them to school, and drop them on their teacher’s desk. While gun control proponents apparently believe this is a good idea, others are horrified and are concerned about the risk of a school shooting happening by accident.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, gun control law proponents are already freaking out at the mere idea of Machine Gun America. The basic concept for this theme park is that children as young as 13 years old can fire real bullets from real assault rifles at fantasy targets like zombies and Osama bin Laden.

Gun control advocate and independent filmmaker Rejina Sincic created the gun control video with the purported aim of “reducing gun violence in schools and communities.” The public service announcement depicts a teen sneaking into his parents’ room, pulling a presumably unloaded gun out of a dress drawer, and then hiding it in a backpack so the weapon can be taken to school. The student then drops the gun on the teacher’s desk and says, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

Besides the risk of triggering an accidental school shooting, Bearings Arms points out the student would face multiple felony charges “including weapons theft, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, illegal concealed carry of a weapon, carrying a weapon onto school property, assault, and brandishing. He would face the possibility of felony criminal record and mandatory expulsion from his school… and this is the kind of behavior that deranged gun control supporter Sincic is hoping that children will emulate.”

Rejina Sincic is apparently reveling in the negative impressions many have of her gun control video. Over on Twitter, she has retweeted comments from users that are not at all happy, to say the least.

@QueenSincic Are you insane with that video? You better hope no one is injured because of it. You liberals are absolutely clueless!

— John Milone (@Patriot091972) December 21, 2014

What do you think about the gun control video?

[ Photo via Wiki Commons ]