Boeing 787 Dreamliner Encounters Production Delays

Boeing’s much-hyped 787 Dreamliner is facing production woes, with reports indicating a string of delayed deliveries.

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) says it expected to receive its third Dreamliner this month, and intended to use it on a Tokyo to Beijing route. That has now been rescheduled by ANA, and other airlines (such as Japan Airlines Corp.) have also had to reschedule flight plans in the past. An ANA statement said:

“[It is] extremely regrettable, but we have decided to change plans. We will do our best to ask Boeing to arrange an early reception of the aircraft. ANA regrets to take the precaution of amending international flight plans. ANA will continue urgent negotiations with Boeing to deliver the 787 as early and as close to the original schedule as possible.”

The Dreamliner has experienced a number of delays since its conception in 2003 – whether it’s a delay in getting out of the factory or simply, well, flying. When ANA’s first 787 was delivered in September this year, it was already three years late.

That said, the plane’s performance is living up to its hype – ANA Chief Executive Shinichiro Ito told the Wall Street Journal that the company’s two other 787s have been flying for more than six weeks, and have had “a very smooth entry into service.”

Ito added that customers have enjoyed the plane’s large windows and spacious interiors. ANA plans to launch its first international 787 service, from Tokyo to Frankfurt, on January 21 … so long as Boeing’s production line is back on schedule, of course.