Pizza Hut Debuts New Crust Covered In Lay’s Potato Chips

Just in time for the holidays, Pizza Hut has introduced their latest addition to the company’s world famous variety of pizza crusts. The pizza chain recently launched a pizza crust covered in potato chips and cheddar cheese. It looks like Pizza Hut has set the bar for other pizza chains to copy them. Or maybe not.

The zany new crust was released on the Trinidad and Tobago Pizza Hut Facebook page. According to Foodbeast, this new Crunchy Stuffed Pizza is a specialty pizza made only at Pizza Hut restaurants located in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a large-sized pizza stuffed with mozzarella cheese, and then topped with cheddar cheese and crushed Lay’s potato chips to give the pie a crunchy texture.

Fans of Pizza Hut are already in love with this new pizza. They shared their comments on the Pizza Hut Facebook page.

Many of the comments were just chock full of love for the new pizza.

A fan named Rinesha wrote, “I tried it and i loved it!! Best pizza I’ve tasted in a long while!! My fam is hooked on it!!”


Maria wrote, “Had it Sunday….I love lays….didn’t know it would have tasted so good on the pizza…”

“Gooey cheesy heaven one crunchy slice at a time!” – Jo-Anne Sewlal

The Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza costs 125 Trinidadian dollars or $20. This new Pizza Hut crust may be crazy, but if it makes the chain’s fans happy, does it really matter?

This new Pizza Hut crust seems to be a success for the food chain. It won’t be the last crazy concoction we’ll see though. A writer on The Daily Meal suggested that Pizza Hut should try adding barbecue flavored potato chips or the new Wasabi Ginger chips on their pizza crusts. Hmm, what do you think?

This new Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza is perfect for people who are tired of the typical pepperoni and black olive toppings on their Pizza Hut pizza. The world’s largest pizza chain is also offering other toppings such as banana peppers and Sriracha. They’re also coming out with pretzel crusts covered with fresh spinach and balsamic glaze.

Pizza Hut says that their new Flavor of Now menu consists of two billion combinations. These changes and improvements have been part of the large chain-wide overhaul announced back in November. Executives are hoping that these new and exciting toppings and crusts will bring customers back to their food chain.

“This is attracting them to come back or give us another shot,” said Pizza Hut spokesman Doug Terfher. “At the same time our existing customers are able to explore a little bit maybe beyond what they’re traditionally getting from us.”

The Flavor of Now menu is now available at Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the country. It includes an unlimited menu like Fiery Red Pepper and Ginger Boom Boom. It also includes the chain’s best sellers, including the famous meat lovers pizza and pepperoni. No word yet if Pizza Hut will introduce the Crunchy Stuffed Pizza in the U.S.

Last week, the Inquisitr reported on a recent survey that found Pizza Hut’s pizzas contain a large amount of sodium in the chain’s takeout pizzas, restaurant pizzas, and supermarket pizzas. The survey was conducted by the U.K. Consensus Action on Salt & Health or CASH for short. The report found that the chain’s Meat Lovers pie contain an insane amount of sodium. Pizza lovers may also wonder how much sodium the new Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza has in every mouth watering bite.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]