Kobe Bryant Is A Serial Cheater Says Wife Vanessa

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa says she “very recently” caught her soon-to-be ex-husband cheating on her, leading to her divorce filing.

Sources also told TMZ that Kobe was caught by Vanessa with “multiple women” over the years they have been together with the most recent tryst leading to her decision to finally call it quits.

People close to Vanessa say she’s still madly in love with Kobe but simply won’t put up with his infidelities any longer.

News of the multiple trysts come at a time shortly after Kobe managed to rebuild trust from his sponsors following his 2003 rape case in which a Colorado hotel worker said Kobe had his way with her.

Ironically it’s believed that the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Dallas Maverick in the Western Conference Semifinals last year was in large part created when the Kobe and Vanessa circulated gossip that players on the team were having affairs of their own, rumors that caused a rift in the locker room.

The saying “once a cheater always a cheater” comes to mind. I had long believed that it wasn’t “if” I would write this post but simply a matter of “when.”

Are you surprised that Kobe Bryant is allegedly the Tiger Woods of the NBA?

[Image via Domenic Gareri / Shutterstock.com]