Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue Breaking Sales Records

Yesterday we reported that interest in the Lindsay Lohan featured Playboy appeared to be waning but a recent study has found that the Lohan featured edition is flying off bookshelves in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

CNN had staffers call each location to determine availability with many stores revealing that they wouldn’t have more copies available until Monday morning.

The cover and photo spread was a gamble for Playboy and founder Hugh Hefner after she was paid a sum reported to be in the vicinity of $700,000 to $1 million.

In a message posted on Hefner’s Twitter account on Sunday he tweeted:

“The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records.”

Another spokesman for Playboy also echoed sentiments that the issue is “selling very well.”

Lohan accepted the photo shoot after her acting career quickly fizzled following various run-ins with the law over the last four years, run-ins that included DUI’s and theft of expensive jewelry. Many insiders believe she needed the money to keep the lifestyle she’s accustomed to.

The Playboy photo shoot wasn’t without it’s own issues, namely the fact that Hugh after seeing the first photo spread called Lohan back into his officers to re-shoot the entire spread, a shoot they say channels Marilyn Monroe. If you’re familiar with Lohan’s work you already known that she has rather unsuccessfully tried to channel the likes of Marilyn in the past.

Do you think a Lindsay Lohan Playboy photo shoot can resurrect their failing career or is it too late for Lohan? How do you feel about her Marilyn Monroe comparisons?