Bruno Mars-Inspired Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

A couple of years back, Portland actor Isaac Lamb proposed to his then-girlfriend Amy Frankel with the help of family and friends who danced along to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” The video immediately went viral, and it made the news all around the globe. The video also inspired other similar proposals, with the latest one being Scottish football player Sean Murdoch’s Times Square proposal last week. Lamb’s video seems to have inspired Murdoch, who is the goaltender for the new Major League Soccer club New York City FC.

Murdoch enlisted the help of a group of professional dancers for his proposal to Charissa Ferguson. Aside from teaching him the steps, they were also present at the special moment acting as a flash mob. When Mars’ “Marry You” started playing in Times Square, the flash mob did their thing before Murdoch joined in for the sweet proposal. And, as an icing on top of the cake, Ferguson said yes. “Charissa had absolutely no idea it was going to happen so it was absolutely perfect,” Murdoch said.

In an interview with The Daily Record, Murdoch expressed joy over how the whole thing turned out. “I’m delighted,” he said. “I was just trying to think outside the box and had some ideas, so I reached out to Broadway Dance Centre and they came up with the dance. I had a good idea she’d say yes but I was nervous. Once I started dancing I totally loved it.”

Murdoch also revealed that Charissa’s sister Amanda and mother Catherine MacGregor were in on it as well. “Charissa had to be in Times Square at the right time, so her sister made sure they were in a shop beside where the dancers would be. It worked out well,” he said.

Charissa, who lives in Manhattan with Murdoch, was definitely surprised. “I’m still in shock but I’m so happy,” she began. “At first when he joined in with the flash mob I thought he was just having a laugh. It wasn’t until I saw he had picked up all the moves and I listened to the song words that I realized what was happening.”

Diane King, who was one of the dancers for the Bruno Mars routine, was also pleased. She told The Daily Record, “His girlfriend was really overwhelmed and so surprised. It was really fun and great to be part of someone’s life moment like that.”

[Image via YouTube]