Brooklyn Beckham Shares Photos From Elton John’s Wedding

Brooklyn Beckham was all about celebrating his Godfather Elton John’s wedding. The younger Beckham, who now looks like he’s following in his father’s footsteps as a footballer, took to his Instagram to show off a few photos from the joyful day.

As the Inquisitr reported, Elton John married his longtime partner David Furnish in a lavish celebration. The day was the ninth anniversary of the couple’s civil partnership. Brooklyn snapped a few shots of the “behind the scenes” of the wedding as it was happening.

His first photo, like most people at a wedding, was a picture of Elton and David’s lunch menu. Some of the dishes included were wild mushroom soup, truffle cream, beef short rib and caramelized onion pie, roasted potatoes, parsnips in horseradish butter, warm chocolate pudding, and vanilla ice cream.

Brooklyn’s caption said it all with, “Congratulations Uncle Elton and Uncle David #ShareTheLove.”

Brooklyn, of course, wasn’t the only Beckham in attendance. The teen showed off the name cards of his whole family — his mother, father, and siblings Romeo, Cruz, and little Harper.

Another shot was of the table where guests dined at.

His last shot from the day was a nice pose with his mother Victoria, who draped her arm around her son.

Elton John’s wedding was very special for numerous reasons; one being that the couple posted photos all throughout the ceremony. Besides the Beckhams, the ceremony included other celebrity friends and their three year old sons, Zachary and Elijah.

Even the couple’s invitation wound up on Instagram.

The invitation reads.

“Sir Elton John and David Furnish request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their wedding on Sunday the 21st of December.”

Here’s a shot of the couple exchanging vows. John has adopted the #sharethelove hashtag as he captioned the photo with, “The exchange of vows. #ShareTheLove.”

John has always been open about his relationship with David. Back in 2010, he told Parade about how they met.

“In 1993 I went back to my house in Windsor for a while. I wanted meet new people so I rang up a friend in London and said, ‘Could you please rattle some new people together for dinner here Saturday? “[David] was very well dressed, very shy. The next night we had dinner. After it, we consummated our relationship. We fell in love very quickly.”

He added, “Every Saturday for 16 years, we’ve sent each other a card, no matter where we are in the world, to say how much we love each other.”

[Image via Brooklyn Beckham’s Instagram]