Al Sharpton Reportedly Receiving Death Threats Following Shooting of NYPD Cops

Al Sharpton isn’t having peaceful days right now. In wake of the fatal shooting of two NYPD officers, Rev. Sharpton has been making headlines yet again, since many have accused him of being an advocate for the “anti-cop” movement.

Rev. Sharpton, who has spoken on behalf of Michael Brown and Eric Garner’s families, has been a dominant contributor to the demonstrative efforts for justice. However, a number of other “movements” have developed as a result of the protests and riots. Now, Rev. Sharpton is taking the blame for many protesting aspects that have went awry.

As a result of his political stance, he’s reportedly receiving death threats. According to the New York Post, the threats have been heightened since the officers’ deaths on Saturday, December 20. Rev. Sharpton reportedly played a voicemail he received that was filled with racial slurs and threats on his life.

The voicemail reportedly said, “Hey, n****r, stop killing innocent people, I’m going to get you!”

Here’s what Sharpton had to say.

“The language is ‘Hey N word, stop killing innocent people, I’m going to get you,’ and I have several like this. We are now under intense threat from those that are misguided, by those that are trying to blame everyone from civil rights leaders to the mayor rather than deal with an ugly spirit that all of us need to fight.”


Although many have insisted that Rev. Sharpton should be partially blamed for the deaths of the officers’ due to his active participation with protesters, he adamantly says otherwise. For those who don’t know, the 60-year-old civil activist became a target for scrutiny yet again last week, due to his alleged association with the “dead cops” protest. During a recent interview with the Staten Island Advance, he shared his option of who should and should not be held accountable for the anti-cop movement currently taking place.

“To blame the mayor and others is not what we need. The blame game will only lead to further venom and further division. To blame the mayor and others is not what we need. There’s those of us committed to non-violence and making the system work and those that are committed to anarchy and recklessness that could care less about the families of police or the families of those that have raised questions of police accountability.”

Do you agree or disagree with Al Sharpton’s views of accountability? Share your thoughts.

[Image via The Grio]