Emily Blunt Is All For A ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Sequel

Emily Blunt is ready for a Devil Wears Prada sequel. During press for her film Into The Woods, it was inevitable that questions would rise about a Devil Wears Prada sequel. Blunt stars in the new musical with her Prada co-star Meryl Streep.

According to Blunt she’s ready for a sequel to the 2006 film. “I would do it, but only if everyone did it. I don’t know why it hasn’t been done, but everyone’s got to do it.”

It wouldn’t be that hard to get everyone together. Despite Meryl Streep being a very busy actress, she seems to enjoy working with Blunt. Also, Stanley Tucci is Emily’s brother in law so getting him to return wouldn’t be a huge task.

As for Emily’s new role playing the Baker’s Wife in Into The Woods, she didn’t think she would be able to pull off the role due to the singing.

“My mom always thought I was a good singer, but I think all moms think their kids are good singers. That’s why you see these poor disillusioned people auditioning for American Idol.”

Her husband John Krasinski was surprised with the turn too. “I think he was surprised even to hear that I was auditioning for a musical because I hadn’t really sung in front of him ever—hummed in the car a few times, but nothing really. I think he was pretty taken aback.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Blunt while participating in press, she also opened up about her speech disorder that she was able to overcome. She likened it to “a straightjacket.”

Opening up to NPR Emily Blunt talked about her stutter and how it dominated her childhood.

“It sort of started to dominate my speech by the time I was about 7 or 8. And then, I think, honestly, got to its most prominent point when I was about 12 or 13. Kids can be so merciless, can’t they? Most of them speak so fluently and they can’t possibly understand why you can’t.”

She then went on to say that acting in a school play really helped her stutter.

“I spoke fluently for the first time in a long time, doing a stupid Northern accent – that helped me. To get through a whole play and not trip up once – I think it was probably more emotional for my Mom who watched. I think that was huge.”

“I think I get a little bit overwhelmed if I think about the odds of this not working out. I’m someone who never thought I would end up in a career where I had to speak fluently. And here I am.”

Into the Woods hits theaters on Christmas Day.

[Image via Disney]