Shoplifters Get Caught Inside Store As Car Is Broken Into Outside

If you don’t believe in bad karma turn your attention to Utah couple Eldon Alexander, 36, and Korin Vanhouten, 47. The couple were caught stealing small ticket items from a WinCo Foods store when they became the victims of a car burglary.

According to Ogden police the couple were caught and cited for stealing small-ticket items worth less than $25. After leaving the store the couple realized their car had been broken into and presents inside the vehicle were stolen.

The couple quickly flagged down the very same police officer who had just written up the report about their theft.

According to Eldon and Korin a stereo amplifier, drum machine and other items valued at $60 was stolen from their vehicle during the theft.

Not only were the shoplifters robbed, the robbery occurred when the police car belonging to the officer writing them up was parked very close to their own vehicle.

Whether or not you believe in karma, Eldon and Korin had what was coming to them when they decided to steal from a store during the holiday season.

We also hear they have been added to Santa’s naught list and won’t be getting any presents this year. Do you believe in bad karma?