‘The Interview’ Movie Online: Watch Sony Lawyer Talk About Releasing ‘The Interview’ Online, Updates From Sony Employee And Anonymous

Update: The Interview full movie is now online at YouTube Movies, Google Play and Xbox Video: Here are the links to the full movie, now online on Christmas Eve.

Ever since Sony decided to pull The Interview from movie theaters before a planned Christmas Day release, folks have been searching online for ways to watch The Interview movie online without needing to click over to sketchy links nor download strange software, reports the Inquisitr.

According to Sony lawyer David Boies, online viewers may soon be able to watch The Interview movie on the web. Boies spoke on Sunday via Meet The Press about distributing The Interview movie online, as seen in the above video.

As for reports from the New York Post stating that Sony would use their own streaming service called Crackle to allow folks to watch The Interview online for free, Sony spokeswoman Lauren Condoluci of Rubenstein Communications says those reports are wrong. Condoluci said Sony is still determining where viewers will be able to watch The Interview online.

"Sony is still exploring options for distribution."

Meanwhile, as North Korea is amping up the rhetoric about The Interview movie's creation, President Obama has called the Sony hacking an act of cyber-vandalism, reports CNN.

As threats loom large, a Sony employee told Fortune what it was like to work for Sony during the time the hacking first began. With the employee's name changed, the essay reveals the panic that set in within the Los Angeles office of Sony Pictures Entertainment prior to Thanksgiving, when the "black screen of death" came upon their computers. What first seemed like a joke that would steal away some of their work hours soon spiraled into a Sony hacking state of fear that found certain Sony employees changing all their passwords, only using their smartphones for banking transactions – and sent a select group of Sony employees on a trek to change their passports.

A new threat has arisen via the "hacktivist" group Anonymous, who allegedly posted a message on Pastebin, warning Sony that The Interview movie should be released online for viewers to watch. They claim that by not releasing The Interview movie for the public to watch online is subjecting Sony to further wrath from threatened hacks.

"We know that Mr. Paulo Coelho has offered Sony Entertainment a sum of $100,000 for the rights of the movie; where he shall then be able to upload the movie onto BitTorrent."

The threat claims that if Sony doesn't release The Interview for folks to watch online, Anonymous will unleash a torrent of hacks – as many as possible against Sony.

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