Facebook Timeline Gets iPhone Treatment, Promises iPad Version “Soon”

Facebook on Sunday rolled out Facebook iPhone version 4.1, a new offering that brings with it access to the new Facebook Timeline profile feature.

First released for Android devices and web browsers on Thursday the new offering provides instant access to friends lists, subscribers and subscriptions. The program also makes it easier to upload, view and comment on photos right from the users smartphone.

Next on the timeline roadmap is an iPad offering which Facebook says is “coming soon.”

Using Timeline users can see all updates a person has added since they joined the site, while past events can also be created using the “Timeline” feature.

The update was an important feature for Apple as Android users now out number daily Facebook user access 58.3 million to 57.4 million.

Here’s an example of the Facebook Timeline feature as shown on my iPhone 4:

Facebook Timeline for iPhone

Facebook Timeline originally rolled out during a test phase in New Zealand but had been made available to developers for the last several months.

I personally have been playing with the Timeline feature for quite some time and while some areas appear to produce duplicate content on various parts of Facebook pages the overall feel of the Timeline with it’s ability to add past events, provide better picture output and create a more personalized header photograph (pictured above) have all been reasons I enjoy the new setup which is sure to improve as user feedback is provided to the social network.

What do you think of Facebook Timeline for iPhone and Android based devices? Have you taken to the new web browser version of Timeline with enthusiasm or dread?