Jinger Duggar Rocks Wild Eye Makeup For 21st Birthday [Photo]

Jinger Duggar couldn’t let loose like most young women when she turned 21, but she did find a way to go just a little wild.

The 19 Kids and Counting star celebrated her 21st birthday on December 21, and she didn’t mark the milestone by heading out to a bar with a bunch of girlfriends. According to Us Weekly, Jinger Duggar had a low-key celebration at home with her family.

Instead of rocking a cute little party dress to her birthday bash, Jinger covered up in a long striped skirt, boots, a white jacket, and a cute knit hat. Her clothing was typical Duggar wear, but her dark eye makeup was definitely daring for a Duggar daughter — her peepers looked like they were ready to party all night long. Jinger showed off her dramatic eye makeup in a photo that was published on the Duggar family Facebook page.

Jinger Duggar Eye Makeup

The photo was accompanied by her family’s birthday wishes.

“Today, December 21st is Jinger’s 21st birthday. We are so thankful for her love for Jesus and her sweet personality. She is precious to us in every way!”

Jinger can’t wear flashy clothes that show any skin, but her wild eye makeup isn’t against her family’s strict rules. According to The Gloss, Jessa and Jill Duggar told Us Weekly that makeup is okay because it “honors the lord.”

Speaking of Jessa Duggar, she also shared a special message for her sister on Instagram.

Jill Duggar didn’t mention Jinger’s birthday on her Instagram page, likely because she was too busy reminiscing about her wedding.

Jinger and Jill recently accompanied their family to El Salvador, and the lucky girls actually got to visit the beach! As the Inquisitr previously reported, Michelle Duggar isn’t a fan of the beach because “it’s just too hard for the guys to try to keep their eyes averted.” However, maybe the beach they visited was free of from distracting bikinis that cause impure thoughts. You can check out Jinger’s modest beach attire below.

Jinger Duggar Beach

Jinger Duggar might be 21, but 19 Kids and Counting fans would be shocked if she celebrated her birthday by trying an alcoholic beverage. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar forbid their kids to hit the hooch because of their super-restrictive religious views, and Jinger’s older sisters have probably convinced her that alcohol is gross. Jill and Jessa once admitted to “accidentally” drinking spiked punch at a party, and they described it as “disgusting.”

Because Jinger is getting older, 19 Kids and Counting fans will expect her to start courting soon. Jim Bob Duggar plays matchmaker for his daughters, but so far Jinger has not been a fan of her father’s taste in men. During an interview with PEOPLE, Jim Bob talked about his third daughter’s love life.

“Jinger is just a dynamic girl that a lot of guys have been interested in. But so far, she has not been interested in the guys.”

What do you think of Jinger Duggar’s 21st birthday celebration? Is it sweet that she hung out with her family, or do you think she would have enjoyed going bar hopping and flirting with guys?

[Image credits: Duggar Family Facebook]