Gift Cards Christmas List Viral: See One Guy’s Hilarious Christmas List And Why He Wouldn’t Be Hard To Shop For (Photo)

Meaghan Ellis - Author

Dec. 22 2014, Updated 9:48 a.m. ET

When it comes to gift giving, most people feel it’s the thought that counts. However, one guy has definitely made it clear that thoughts don’t matter because all he wants is a gift card! The only thing you have to “think” about is where to get it from!

On Dec. 21, a Redditor uploaded a hilarious form that one guy filled out for “Secret Santa 2014.” The short form simply asked for basic information about the potential gift recipient. According to the form, the guy’s name is Scott. He obviously doesn’t have many interest! He made it clear that he doesn’t have a favorite color or scent, and although he likes stores and restaurants he didn’t name any that he prefers in particular.

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He also doesn’t like treats and has no hobbies. When asked what were three gifts he’s appreciated receiving in the past, he could only come up with two words – GIFT CARDS! Last but not least, when asked if there was any gift he didn’t like receiving, he wrote, “Things that are not gift cards.”

He requested a gift card on every line of the form, which definitely made desires quite comical! Although his request was simple, he did has some preferences – $15 gift cards and multiple gift cards that add up to $15!

Here’s how he filled out the form!

Blockquote open

Name: Scott

Favorite Color: $15 Gift Card

Favorite Scent: $15 Gift Card

Please list 2 of your favorite stores/restaurants: $15 Gift Card / Different $15 Gift Card

Please list 2 of your favorite treats: $15 Gift Card / (2) $7 Gift Cards (And $1)

Please list 2 of your favorite hobbies: Holding Gift Cards / Holding $15.00

Please circle and/or write in 3 things you have appreciated in past gifts: Gift, Card, Gift Card

Please list a few of your complete dislikes: Things that are not gift cards!

- Blockquote close
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In less than 18 hours, Scott’s creative gift card Christmas list has received more than 800 comments. Needless to say, many have found his dry humor rather hilarious! Many people actually joked about how a person could still screw up his request! See some of the comical responses:

Blockquote open

Fifteen $1 gift cards to fifteen different stores. Merry Christmas, Scott.

Dear Scott,

Since I had no idea about your likes and dislikes, I had to go with my gut. Something tells me you’ll love your gift!

Please find enclosed one $15 gift card to Big Bertha’s Yarn Barn; a one-stop-shop for all your knitting and crocheting needs!


1500 pennies, individually wrapped.

- Blockquote close

What would you get Scott for Christmas?! Share your thoughts.

[Image via Reddit]


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