‘The Last Of Us 2’ Confirmed? Leaked Resume Could Mean A Sequel Is Coming

Is The Last of Us 2 confirmed? No, but a screen capture of Michael Knowland’s resume reveals that Naughty Dog had him creating concept art for the game between October 2011 and April 2014.

Joel and Ellie may just take another cross-country trip through the apocalyptic wastelands in a project that the developer is probably working on secretly. Of course, the characters might be completely new, since their story is supposedly finished.

With the potential sequel, we might even get the long-awaited The Last of Us two-player mode, so gamers can take the challenges cooperatively next time. The lack of a multiplayer mode was the first game’s main weakness against the upcoming next generation consoles, even when it was given a graphical upgrade on the PlayStation 4.

While there are no further details about The Last of Us 2, confirmed or not, the idea of a concept artist for a sequel to the PlayStation 3 game of the year for most gaming news outlets, including The Inquisitr, sounds promising. A The Last of Us 2 PS4 release in 2016 or 2017 could be likely if the rumors are true. Naughty Dog wouldn’t want to rush the game out, since its predecessor was one of their biggest sellers.

After this revelation from Clipping Error, the Last of Us 2 announcement may be on its way quickly. Rocksteady did something similar when leaks revealed an ad ahead of time for Batman: Arkham Knight. They may have been planning on the announcement, but the leak seems to have forced it anyway.

It will be hard to top the first game, and Naughty Dog probably knows this. The combat, stealth, item crafting, and even puzzle solving all felt perfectly balanced, along with a story full of twists and turns that rival most of what Hollywood gives us.

You can see the resume in question on Gamespot and judge for yourself.

This is all rumor and speculation after the leak of a Naughty Dog employee’s resume, but with the possibility of The Last of Us 2 confirmed, PS4 gamers could be in for a treat in the next couple of years.

[Image via Movie Pilot]