Corey And Miranda Simms, Family Throw ‘Frozen’ Birthday Party For Ali And Aleeah

Corey and Miranda Simms get to spend a good deal of time with twins Ali and Aleeah. While this past weekend wasn’t their official birthday (that was December 16), the Simms family celebrated the girls fifth birthday.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Leah Calvert threw a birthday party for the twins last weekend at a skating rink. The party appeared to be a small celebration with a Frozen theme. It seems that the girls are big fans of the hit Disney movie, as their party with Corey and Miranda was also Frozen themed.

Corey’s dad, Jeff Simms, shared a photo of the girls in their princess attire with the caption, “I can’t believe these little blessings are 5! Happy birthday to my sweet granddaughters! #aligrace

It is very hard to believe that the twins are already 5-years-old. Fans first met them on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, and have followed their story on Teen Mom 2. Miranda Simms has not always been a part of the show and doesn’t like to be on film, but she does appear with Corey.

Miranda and Leah may not be best friends, but it is clear that they both put the twins first and that is what is most important. Corey and Leah were recently in court to hash out custody, and while he wanted full-custody of the girls, that did not happen. Rather, he was granted an extra day with them.

While Corey and Miranda Simms threw a birthday party for the girls, Leah Calvert was in Orlando. She was asked to be a bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding at Disney World, and she obliged. While some fans have questioned why separate birthday parties were thrown for the girls, it actually isn’t that uncommon for divorced couples to throw their own parties.

Following a divorce, there can be a lot of bitter emotions. While broken families will try their best to get along for the children involved, it isn’t always easy. Rather than having the kids feel the tension at a joint birthday party, many couples choose to have separate parties. It seems that this has worked out well for the former Teen Mom 2 couple. While Leah Calvert had her own Frozen-themed birthday party for the girls, complete with her friends and family, Corey and Miranda Simms were able to have their own party for the girls.

Unfortunately, neither Corey nor Miranda Simms have shared photos of the birthday party, but from the photos available, it does look like a fun time was had by the girls!

[Image: via Twitter]