July 21, 2017
Melody Thomas Scott Health Update: 'Young And The Restless' Star Details Crisis

The Young & the Restless actress Melody Thomas Scott is opening up about her recent health crisis, and fans are lending their support. The actress, who plays Nikki Newman, recently went through a difficult ordeal that she believes was due to some prescribed medications, and now she's sharing more in-depth information about just what happened. Luckily, she is doing better now, but it seems it was a very challenging and serious experience.

Scott posted the details on her Facebook page, though she shared via Twitter that her assistant is helping her with some privacy settings that are preventing some Young and the Restless fans from seeing the post. She hopes to have that issue resolved shortly. Soap Opera Digest breaks down the information posted by Melody Thomas Scott regarding her health crisis.

Melody says that her health issue began on November 13, after she had been struggling with a sinus infection. She notes that she had already been ill for a couple of weeks, missing some work and battling a cough and fever. She says she couldn't beat the illness, so she got antibiotics and steroids from a new doctor.

The medications apparently caused hallucinations, and Scott's health quickly declined significantly. She was constantly freezing, she says, and she got to a point where she couldn't breathe, and she thought she was going to die. At this point, Melody's family took her to the emergency room.

Once at the hospital, doctors tested the Young and the Restless actress for everything they could, including seizures, a stroke, and brain disorders. She underwent many tests, but everything came back normal. After leaving the hospital, Scott turned to alternative medicine. She says she tried massage, acupuncture, herbs, and a change in diet.

Now Scott is feeling much better, though it's been a very slow process. She says that her daily improvements are slight, and this was, of course, quite the unexpected journey. Melody says she's focusing all of her energy on being able to resume her regular life, and it sounds as if she's definitely making progress.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Melody Thomas Scott says that she believes the medications she was prescribed for the sinus infection caused her health crisis. Though she needed to be away from work quite a bit, she will still appear on-screen as Nikki throughout the holiday season, as filming juggled around scenes to accommodate her illness.

The Young and the Restless fans are relieved to know that Melody Thomas Scott is doing better and hope that the worst is behind her now.

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