Adam Lind And Brittany Musick Are Snapchat Friends, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Allegedly Sent Request

Adam Lind and Brittany Musick may be Snapchat friends. Although it’s unclear if the Teen Mom 2 star’s alleged account is verified, Musick recently claimed they are in touch.

On Twitter, Musick was confronted with allegations of going after all the Teen Mom 2 guys, most recently in hopes of starting up an Adam Lind and Brittany Musick relationship. In response, the former friend of Jeremy Calvert, husband of Leah Messer, claimed there was nothing romantic going on between her and Lind.

“We are just friends dumb b***h. Damn,” Musick said, adding, “Get a life and quit worrying about who I talk to, you’re getting a little creepy.”

As for how Adam Lind and Brittany Musick’s communication began, Musick says he contacted her.

“He sent me a request on Facebook and snap chats me. We are just friends!!!!! Get over it already.”

Last month, as the Inquisitr reported, leaked messages between Calvert and Musick surfaced on Radar Online. In the messages, Calvert and Musick were seen complimenting one another and planning to meet up. Calvert also claimed he wasn’t married at the time, which turned out to be false.

“[Leah Calvert] may be reassuring fans that she’s still married to Jeremy Calvert, but her husband of more than two years is telling a beautiful single mom a totally different story,” a source told Radar at the time, adding Calvert was “claiming he’s no longer married to the Teen Mom 2 starlet, 22, and on the prowl for a new girl.”

After the messages were shared, Messer took to Twitter, where she slammed Musick for being an attention seeker. According to the Inquisistr, Musick quickly replied to the message.

“Since people think I’m ‘seeking attention,’ I guess I’ll just go along with it!” Musick wrote on Twitter. “This should be fun.”

From there, Musick continued to tweet of her interaction with Calvert, noting that while they never actually saw one another, they had spoken on several occasions, and Calvert informed her that he and Messer’s marriage was over. Musick even claimed Messer moved out of the home they once shared earlier this month.

Meanwhile, as the Inquisitr reported, Lind has been dealing with some relationship drama of his own. Last month, the Teen Mom 2 star was arrested after an alleged assault on his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Beaton, whom he dated for a few short months.

As for Adam Lind and Brittany Musick’s relationship, Lind has remained silent.

[Photo via Twitter]