Santa Claus Gets His Own iPhone 4S Ad [Video]

James Johnson

Apple on Sunday posted what will likely be their last ad spot of the year, an iPhone 4S spot featuring the jolly guy himself. In the company's new 30-second ad Santa Claus uses the Siri voice command module to help guide his sleigh, find directions to children's homes and even to pull up his email which contains his "naughty or nice" list.

The ad then goes a bit too far when Siri checks all of his appointments with children around the world and responds:

"You have 3.7 billion appointments."

The move to push iPhone sales shouldn't come as a surprise as the company prepares to set a new personal best with an optimistic 35 million devices expected to sell this fall, possibly making Apple the top smartphone builder in the world for yet another year.

Here's the Apple iPhone 4S Santa Clause commercial:

[iframe src="" width="560" height="315"]

What do you think of the new ad? Has Apple placed too much of their future iPhone success on Siri or is that type of voice based technology an important turning point for the industry?