December 22, 2014
Dad Girl, 3: Abandoned Girl Claimed By Dad After Being Dropped Off At Shopping Mall

A dad has claimed a little girl, 3, who was abandoned at a shopping mall by an unidentified woman over the weekend. According to the New York Daily News, little Audrey was dropped off at The Grove in California on Saturday evening. A woman left the child with parking attendants, and then drove away. When no one came back for the child, police were called. There is now an investigation going on, but police believe that this may have just been a misunderstanding.

"Her father said he tried to get in touch with his daughter and reached out to police Sunday afternoon. He told authorities he was supposed to meet Audrey and the woman who dropped her off at the mall and assumed that the woman had taken Audrey home when neither showed up at The Grove. He claimed to have searched for her until closing at 11 p.m."

The dad of the abandoned girl, 3, was not allowed to take his daughter home. In fact, police aren't even sure if the man is actually Audrey's real father, but are running the necessary background checks to get a positive ID. The child was only able to state her first name, but was too young to know her last name or her home address, which made things a bit more difficult.

As of Sunday night, Audrey was in the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services. According to My News LA, police said that the child's parents were no longer together, and that there may have been a misunderstanding between the two about the time of drop off/pick up at the designated location.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Audrey was being looked after by a female family member, and that may have been who dropped her off at The Grove. The child was left with her car seat and not much else. It's unclear if the woman who dropped her off will be facing any charges in the case.

"The father, who was not facing criminal charges, went to the station after the child's grandfather, who lives in San Diego, saw a news report about the girl, according to a report," reports My News LA.

The dad of the girl, 3, who was abandoned has not spoken to the media about the case. It is unknown if the child's mother has been in contact with the police, or if she is involved in the case in any way.

[Photo courtesy of LAPD via My News LA]