Phillies to Re-Sign Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins, 33, has agreed to a three-year, $33-million dollar contract with a vesting option for a fourth year with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Rollins, the 2007 National League most valuable player and three-time All Star shortstop, has been with the Phillies since initial second-round selection in the 1996 draft. He originally sought a five-year deal, but reached the three-year agreement with the Phillies once the market for Rollins died down.

Though the agreement has not been officially announced, Rollins has always expressed a desire to stay with the Phillies, and it can be argued that although seemingly apprehensive, the Phillies know that keeping him would be in their best interest, as Rollins has led the team to five consecutive NL East titles as well as the 2008 World Series. Rollins’ Twitter activity also seems to confirm his status. He wrote,

“Gotta deal with me for 3(4) more years!!!”

There has been no official announcement as of yet, as the agreement is merely pending a physical.

Are Rollins’ best years behind him, or will this new contract translate into more successes for the Phillies?