Teresa Giudice Estranged From ‘RHONJ’ Co-Stars? Amber Marchese Tells All

Teresa Giudice has reportedly cut ties with her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars. As her prison sentence start date nears, Giudice’s co-star, Amber Marchese, claims she’s had no contact with the mother of four.

“She’s blocking the world out and concentrating on her kids,” Marchese told Radar Online of Giudice on December 22. “I just send her a text once in a while to make sure she’s okay. She’s private right now and I wouldn’t expect anything different.”

On October 2, Teresa Giudice, who the Inquisitr reported has also allegedly cut ties with co-star Melissa Gorga, was sentenced to serve 15 months behind bars for several charges of fraud. Her husband, Joe, was sentenced to 41 months, and will begin his term after his wife completes her sentence.

“It’s awful, she’ll get through it and she’ll move on. This nightmare will eventually be over for her. I feel bad and awful that she’s going through this,” Marchese said.

As for her husband, Jim Marchese, who experienced some backlash for his behavior during The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7, Marchese claimed his actions were a direct result of the way he was treated during filming.

“Does he stand his ground? Does he say what he wants to say? Does he protect me? 150 percent,” she said. “He doesn’t go out just randomly saying crap to people. There was a lot to get him to that point. They don’t get to see the tender side, the really loving side.”

In addition to her estrangement from Teresa Giudice, Marchese is also not speaking to Dina Manzo.

“I don’t talk to Dina because I feel like she was disrespectful to my husband far too many times and I won’t stand for that,” she explained, adding she’s also had issues with a few other cast members. “I extended my hand out to Bobby to try to squash things and get through what we went through this season and he wasn’t really responsive. Nicole and Teresa [Aprea], I think all of us feel the same way. It’s over, we got to move on.”

As for what she’d do differently if she could go back in time, Marchese claimed she’d leave her husband out of some of the drama.

“I think I would not have my husband involved as much,” she admitted. “I would try to keep him out, although he wanted to come to my defense. I feel like he got the brunt of a lot of it.”

As she awaits her sentencing, Radar Online claims Giudice has, in addition to estranging herself from her co-stars, become “paranoid and delusional.”

Teresa Giudice will begin her 15-month sentence on January 5.

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