Miley Cyrus Dresses Like An Elf, Has A Few Drinks, Posts Strange Photos On Instagram — Where Is Patrick?

Miley Cyrus recycled her silver tinsel wig this weekend while attending a festive party. The flowing wig matched her sparkling tights, highlighting the festive green outfit, and actually covered most of her flesh. However, the lack of exposed skin did not stop her from getting down and dirty throughout the night, while sharing some creatively strange photos on her Instagram account. The only thing lacking was her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Miley’s elf costume seemed innocent enough, as she began to document her night by posting a selfie — complete with duck lips — on her Instagram account. The Daily Mail posted her pictures, showing her slow transition from innocent to raunchy. A picture of Miley sprawled out in an awkwardly sexy pose across the hood of a car was a mockery of herself, possibly giving a hint as to what was to come.

Throughout the night, pieces of the costume came off, although she was mostly clothed through it all. One picture shows the bottom of her elf costume pulled up to her chest, sparkly tights still in place, while she held a machine gun and added an awkward cowboy hat above her best pirate face. The scene took a psychedelic turn, as colorful lights flashed across the room and Miley drank dollar pills from a beer pitcher, next to what appears to be a naked man. This lead up to a picture that seemed innocent enough, as she stood next to a man wearing a Rudolph head and nothing more.

The night of pictures seemed to wrap up with a creative image of Miley riding a large wave atop a slice of cheese pizza.

Although the pictures stopped, a video surfaced of Miley showing off a festive pair of pasties. Cosmopolitan shared the Instagram video on their page. Although the video clip does show her covered up, it also gives a sense of the party’s intensity.

Miley obviously had a lot of fun at the event, but something was missing. Patrick Schwarzenegger was not able to attend the epic Christmas party. Instead, he was spending time with his parents for the holidays, presumably keeping his partying low key and out of the spotlight. Miley’s pictures showed him what he was missing, and showed the world the sort of fun she likes to have while out with friends.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]