Mexico: Pregnant Mexican Woman Murdered, Baby Cut From Womb

Nathaly Cartas Leon was a pregnant Mexican woman who was killed by a teenaged girl who friended her on Facebook. Law enforcement officials say that Nathaly Cartas Leon was killed for her baby. According to the Daily Mail, 17-year-old Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez lured 20-year-old Nathaly Cartas Leon to her home under the guise of providing her with baby items for her nursery, but the expectant mother was attacked as she entered the home.

Originally, Nathaly Cartas Leon was reported missing, and the police made no connection to Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez until she arrived at a hospital with the dead baby. When the nurses asked her what happened, Salinas stated that the infant had been born stillborn. Doctors made the determination rather quickly that the infant had died inside of his mother’s womb when the air supply was cutoff, according to Horacero.

At that point, Salinas admitted to authorities that she had killed Nathaly Cartas Leon, her Facebook friend, because she wanted a baby. Once police looked into the killer’s background, they discovered that the 17-year-old Salinas had aborted her own baby in April of this year.

Once police got to the teen’s home, they found Nathaly Cartas Leon’s body discarded in the tall grass behind the rental home. The body showed signs of blunt force trauma to the head, and there were stab wounds to the body. The woman’s stomach was also cut open.

Before disappearing last week, her family said that Nathaly left her home to meet up with a Facebook friend, but she never returned. The two women originally met in a Facebook clothing exchange group.

As for Nathaly Cartas Leon’s grief-stricken family, it was quite a horrific ending for a young woman who looked forward to having her child, and her relatives were absolutely devastated.


The crime has completely rocked the town of Reynosa. Killing a mother and cutting an infant from the womb is a crime that is not commonly committed among Mexican women.

This type of crime has made headlines all over America. Some of the most well-known cases of womb raiding or fetal abductions include the cases of Teka Adams, who was duped by a woman claiming to be a case worker in 2009. Teka and her baby survived the attack. In the 1990’s, Carethia Curry was murdered by her friend, Felicia Scott, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

And one of the oldest and most famous cases involving fetal abduction is the case of Norma Jean Jackson aka Norma Armisted. In the 1970’s, Norma Jean Armisted was a Kaiser Hospital nurse who befriended a Latino who was looking for a midwife. When Norma Armisted arrived to the woman’s home, she cut the baby from her womb and left her with a gaping stomach. The woman died in her bed with her children watching. The movie “Empty Cradle” starring Kate Jackson was based on that case. Earlier this year, Inquisitr covered the trial of Julie Corey, who was accused of killing her friend and cutting the baby from the womb.

(Photo Credit: Horacero)