Marvel And DC Characters Are Together In One Awesome Fan-Made Trailer

The superheroes (and a few of the supervillains) from the DC Comics universe and the Marvel Comics universe are finally together in a movie trailer! Unfortunately for fans of both franchises, the trailer is all they’re going to get.

YouTube user – and comic books superfan – Alex Luthor made the Marvel vs. DC mashup trailer himself. That means that there is no Marvel vs. DC movie in the works; at least, if there is, it’s being kept a secret. Mr. Luthor was very diligent about pointing out, both in the video and in the description, that the mashup trailer is his and his alone.

“**THIS IS A NON-PROFIT VIDEO and is made purely for fun.”

Sometimes, fans get sick of waiting for studios to make the movies they’ve been begging for, and finally just make their own. Their own trailers, that is; mashing together clips here and there, using cheap and user-friendly video software, is pretty easy for people who are dedicated enough to do it.

Mr. Luthor himself has made other fake trailers, which can be seen on his YouTube channel linked above. For the upcoming movie Suicide Squad (which is a real movie that is really happening, unlike the Marvel vs. DC movie that has a trailer but no movie), Alex made this trailer.

Fan-made trailers aren’t strictly limited to comic book universes. In 2008, a fan-made trailer for the non-existent movie Goonies 2 generated enough buzz on social media that no small number of fans was tricked into believing that it was real.

As for the Marvel vs. DC crossover movie, even though it’s not happening, Mr. Luthor’s trailer has gotten fans talking. The Comments are filled with barbs between fans of the DC universe and fans of the Marvel universe fighting it out. But amid all the fanboy quibbling is this comment from user Meh Blah, that says it best.

“Really well done dude! Thanks for making something [that] pushes for this type of thing to really happen :)”

Would you pay to see an actual Marvel vs. DC crossover movie? Sound off in the Comments below.

[Image courtesy of: Comic Book]