DEA: Cars and Drugs Funding Terrorism at Oklahoma Car Dealership

The terrorist group Hezbollah (Army of God) seems to have a new interest…The Used Car Business. Drug Enforcement Agents raided a used car dealership in Oklahoma where they says drugs and cars were sold to benefit the terrorist organization and fund attacks against the US. The agents said this was one of 30 such used car dealerships being used for such purposes.

The raid Friday had DEA agents carrying out boxes of documents, filing cabinets and employees were questioned about inventory.

“They’re making big time money and it’s going right into weapons acquisition, terrorist training, recruiting, corruption. Things needed to carry out terrorist attacks across the world,” said Rusty Payne of the DEA. “Some of that money is flowing back to the United States, back to these used car companies, to purchase more used cars to ship them to West Africa to sell those at a profit and then mix those used car proceeds in with the drug dollars.”

The government agents said the business received more than $30 Million dollars wired to various accounts in order to launder it into the lots and turn in legitimate. The money was apparently wired by the Lebanese government (which Hezbollah controls).

“The used cars being purchased in the United States are being shipped into West Africa and they are making 15, 20, 25 percent profit and the proceeds are all being sent back into Lebanon and Hezbollah is benefiting,” DEA Agent Maltz told ABC News.