Secret Santas Paying Off Layaway Debts All Over The Country

Dozens of holiday shoppers using layaway programs all over the country have been experiencing a little holiday miracle of their own as secret santas have been paying off their in-store debt.

According to NPR the random acts of kindness have so far been reported at Kmart and Walmart locations in California, Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, South Carolina and Montana.

At one Kmart store in Michigan a woman reported to be in her 30s walked into the store and asked if she could help pay off several accounts that had toys included in them. She then proceeded to pay $500 while leaving just $10 to be paid in each of the three accounts.

Hopefully each of the people with $10 left in their accounts head into the store to make payments or Kmart could walk away with a lot of secret Santa forfeited cash.

While she did not reveal her identity to store workers or the family’s she helped she did leave a message that simply read:

“Happy Holidays from a friend.”

That isn’t the only story from this particular KMart, according to workers they have received at least $150 in secret Santa donations every day since the first mysterious shopper entered their store.

Time reports that in California one man even dropped off $2,000 and asked that it be used to pay off layaway plans for shoppers.

According to one of the lucky KMart shoppers who had $200 worth of toys paid off for her son David the secret Santa “restored her faith in people.”

What do you think of the secret layaway Santa shoppers?

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