Bruno Mars Inspires Best Marriage Proposal Ever In Times Square [Video]

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Bruno Mars has become a “wedding staple,” according to the Bridal Guide. They even wrote a whole article on five Mars’ songs to include in both the ceremony and the reception. The list includes Mars’ hits “Treasure,” “Count On Me,” “Just the Way You Are,” and most obviously, “Marry You.” And with a title like that, it’s no surprise that the hit has become popular among men wishing to get on bended knee.

As a matter of fact, if you type, “marry you proposal” into the YouTube search bar, the results will yield approximately 713,000 videos with Bruno Mars’ hit “Marry You” featured as part of a proposal. And if you did that, you’d find ex-Scottish soccer player Sean Murdoch’s proposal to his now fiancée (sorry for the spoiler) Charissa.

Just this past Friday, Sean Murdoch, who now plays for the New York soccer league, used Bruno Mars’ hit “Marry You” to propose to his girlfriend, Charissa, in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world. The whole scene was said to bring “New York’s famous Times Square to a complete standstill,” according to the Mirror.

The video begins by giving the audience a little bit of background. Murdoch went to the Broadway Dance Centre and asked for a little help with his proposal. The BDC agreed, and six dancers were with Murdoch to be a part of the flashmob. In the four minute video, the dancers begin on their own with Murdoch and Charissa watching along with a slew of onlookers. But then Murdoch joins in for one spectacular show.

Murdoch does his best to keep up with the dancers, but I don’t think too many people were looking at his moves so much as the smiles on his and his fiancee’s faces. His fiancée commented afterwards that she thought “he was just having a laugh.” But by the end, once she realized what has been going on and her man was down on bended knee, she ran into his arms and emphatically said “yes.” It would be safe to say that she was not the only one who was tearing up, seeing as how both her mother and sister had flown in from the UK.

As I said before, there are many videos inspired by Mars’ hit “Marry You,” along with some of his other hits. So thank you, Mr. Bruno Mars, for inspiring yet another beautiful proposal. May it not be the last.