Woman Attacked In Elevator And Set On Fire!

Police at a New York Precinct were surprised yesterday by a man walking into the department, reeking of gasoline and announcing that he had “Set a Fire”. Police will not confirm the identity of the man but are pretty certain he is the one responsible for attacking Doris Gillespie in the elevator of her Brooklyn apartment building Fox News is reporting.

Surveillance cameras caught the images of a black man walking into the building, and waiting for Gillespie to get to the floor of her apartment on the elevator. He then walked up to the elevator, where Gillespie was standing with her groceries, doused her with a flammable liquid and threw a Molotov Cocktail at her. The elevator filled with smoke as Gillespie burned to death.

Police refused to speak about the motive for the crime, but are confident that the suspect new Gillespie. Neighbors had reported a fire in the building but had no idea the woman was burning to death in the elevator.

The suspect seemed, in the video, to be very methodical…making sure Gillespie was thoroughly doused before lighting the Molotov Cocktail with a Barbeque Lighter. He only hesitated for a second before throwing it at Gillespie.

Do you think the man was mentally ill or out for revenge?