Google’s 2014 ‘Year In Search,’ From Ebola To iPhones

Google’s annual Year In Search video has already hit over 3 million views on Youtube. The video takes the most searched items for the year of 2014, combining them with visuals and music to give us some perspective on how the year went.

According to the Daily Mail, searches for deceased actor Robin Williams and Apple’s iPhone were on the top of the Google search list for this year. The ebola crisis was another major search term. Some also call 2014 the year of the World Cup, as even the U.S. watched the games, and searched for them, in record numbers.

Game of Thrones was the top searched TV show, Walmart was the top location, and Frozen was the top movie. Ebola appears in multiple categories, “donations,” “symptoms,” “what is” and just general searches.

The Year In Search might also give some hints on the next presidential election, with Chris Christie as the second highest searched politician, number one being President Obama.

The full list of top searches by category can be found here.

The YouTube video says the sound track is from Divinity, by Porter Robinson. A full list of other video sources can also be found on the site.

2014 is the 14th annual Year In Search from Google.

[Image Credit: YouTube]