Russian Roulette? Nathan McRorie's Family Claims Murder, Gun In Shooting Death Cannot Be Found

The deadly game of Russian roulette is being blamed for the death of Nathan James McRorie, but the family believes instead that he was murdered.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, an Indiana teen shot himself at the home of a friend while playing a solitaire game of Russian roulette.

Nathan McRorie was in the house of Reece Boyd where it's said that three other friends, Bree Graham, Aaron Burnie and Maggie Cecic, were using marijuana and other drugs before McRorie allegedly shot himself in a game of Russian roulette. It's claimed these friends where involved in "criminal activity, drug use, and firearms."

When a gunshot was heard, witnesses ran into the room and it's claimed they heard Burnie say "Nathan has just shot himself in the head," and "Why the f--- did you do that, Nathan?" The McRorie family believes Russian roulette was not the cause of death, but instead claims he was murdered.

Police found five.22 bullets on a table near McRorie's body, but the gun found near his body was tested and found to be not the weapon that caused his death. Police never found the actual gun, and it's alleged that Aaron Burnie switched the guns and took the weapon that killed his friend. Police have never recovered the missing weapon.

According to the Herald Sun, Coroner Ronald Saines claims the court "can have no confidence that any of (those present) are witnesses of truth," but still concludes that " Nathan McRorie most probably discharged the firearm which caused the death himself."

"There can be a variety of adverse inferences drawn from the false, misleading and unreliable accounts given by the witnesses," Saines said in his findings according to The Age. "But inference of murder or homicide emerges as a less likely inference, such that these remain as unproven possibilities, rather than as probable."

Aaron Burnie was on parole at the time of the Russian roulette incident. It's said that Burnie and Maggie Cecic left the scene of the death before paramedics arrived.