WWE: Third Of ‘Andre The Giant Memorial’ Participants No Longer On Main Roster

The WWE is no stranger to turnover. For many years, wrestling promotions in general have seen wrestlers come and go over financial disputes, creative differences, or wrestler misconduct.

But I’ll admit the findings of one redditor on the squaredcircle subreddit are concerning, particularly for a company that has reported some less than stellar numbers of late.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which included 30 participants at WrestleMania 30 and received a great deal of the company’s marketing push in the weeks leading up the pay-per-view, featured 11 wrestlers who are either no longer on the main roster or no longer working with the company.

The redditor, who goes by the handle LicenseToILL-INI points out the names of these fallen stars, and it is quite shocking, especially when you consider there are seven former champions on the list.

Yoshi Tatsu

Brad Maddox

Brodus Clay

The Great Khali

Drew McIntyre

Jinder Mahal

Santino Marella

Rey Mysterio

Alberto Del Rio

Sin Cara

Cody Rhodes

Even more disturbing about the roll-call of Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal participants is how many of these guys were true talents.

What’s worse, the guy who actually won that battle royal — Cesaro — has seen his career stagnate following loss after loss. While he’s seeing something of a resurgence through his tag team work with Tyson Kidd, it’s still a pretty hard fall for a guy that fans were seemingly so ready to get behind.

Now it is worth mentioning that Cody Rhodes will probably be back soon, but these numbers put in perspective the difficult year that WWE has had from falling stock prices, to poor WWE Network subscriber numbers, to (recently) its lowest Raw rating since 2012.

Then there is the CM Punk black eye and the backstage discontent among talent following the widely panned TLC pay-per-view.

In essence, what started as a tribute to one of the company’s greatest superstars — Andre the Giant — has become a decaying reminder of what the company used to be in the 80s and 90s, and where it could possibly be going if the creative issues aren’t worked out during the next few months as the company enters its “Road to WrestleMania” season, beginning with Royal Rumble in five weeks.

What do you think about the Andre the Giant observation, readers? Is it a sign that the WWE is worse off than it’s been in years, or is it just representative of a momentary lapse? Sound off in our comments section.