Are Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together Again?

Chris Brown and Rihanna have reportedly been exchanging messages that Fashion & Style is calling flirty, after the R&B singer's recent breakup with model Karrueche Tran. This comes not long after Rihanna's father shared some less-than-flattering words about her former boyfriend -- and that's to be expected,since he brutally assaulted her in 2008.

Regardless of how RiRi's dad might feel, the celebrity rumor mill is producing claims that the duo may have rekindled their romance. If that's true, then it would explain previous reports of Rihanna allegedly laughing about Brown's relationship drama with Tran. Could she have some inside information about that breakup?

Rihanna's dad feels that she has moved on with her life, and doesn't want to mess with the likes of Brown, but the past handful of years have shown that the two do have a hard time staying away from one another. That's especially true since they are both huge stars in the music industry. They have many mutual friends, and it's impossible to not run into one another at awards shows and celeb events and venues. Nonetheless, reports claim that Chris Brown is trying to win back his former girlfriend, but just how true are these reports?

Whether or not Brown and RiRi are getting back together, it's apparent that both of the stars are all about having their fun and living life to the fullest. Brown himself has been filmed recently getting twerked on by Amber Rose, who split from Wiz Khalifa not that long ago. As for Rihanna, she's been dealing with the embarrassment of having to throw her own alcoholic father out of a party that she hosted. The International Business Times reports that the "Diamonds" singer hosted The Diamond Ball, where her father reportedly got a little too tipsy before tripping over a chair.

This is far from the only time her 61-year-old father has been in the spotlight over his drinking. Just last year, the songbird shelled out nearly $60,000 to put her father in rehab so he wouldn't go to jail. It certainly seems that Rihanna has her hands full right now, and she's certainly not showing anything publicly to indicate a rekindled romance with Chris Brown.

Fans of Brown and Rihanna may always fantasize about the two getting back together, but their relationship has long been a volatile one, with the catalyst being the 2008 violent assault that left Rihanna barely recognizable. They've tried at least once over the past few years to give their love another go, but that did not last at all.

[Photo credit: USA Today]