‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Gets Good News, Liz And Jason Have A Moment

There is plenty of great stuff ahead on General Hospital during the week of December 22. While there are Christmas celebrations ahead, there are also twists and turns playing out for those in Port Charles. What do General Hospital spoilers indicate lies ahead for the coming week?

According to the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page, Maxie will have some wonderful news to share with Nathan. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that things ultimately won’t go quite as they expected. As fans saw in recent episodes, Maxie has been facing a tough journey to get Georgie back, and it sounds as if that may continue for a bit.

Johnny will settle a debt while Carlos has a warning for Jordan. Shawn and Anna will have some concerns for Jordan’s safety as well when it comes to her undercover work. The fake Luke has new orders for Julian, while Alexis gets a surprise visitor just as she’s about to tell Molly about Ric.

Later, Alexis will pay Julian a visit, while Molly is anxious to tell T.J. her good news. As the General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps note, Nina and Franco will learn their fates on Monday’s episode this coming week, while Kiki offers comfort to Morgan.

Wednesday’s episode brings Christmas cheer to the residents of Port Charles. There will be holiday miracles, including an uplifting gift for Maxie. Obrecht will tell the story of Christmas to the children at the hospital, as is the holiday tradition. However, she’s giving it her own spin. In addition, a good deed of hers will be revealed.

General Hospital is preempted on Thursday for Christmas, but a new episode airs on Friday. Sam and Patrick will grow even closer, while Liz and Jason have a moment under the mistletoe. Someone else will ask Elizabeth out for New Year’s Eve, and Jake will not be particularly pleased. Monica and Judge Walters spend some time together, while Anna tells Jordan she needs to stay undercover to stay safe.

Will Maxie manage to find a way to both get Georgie back and move forward in a relationship with Nathan? When will the answers regarding Luke be revealed? Will romance flourish for both Liz and Jake along with Sam and Patrick?

There are plenty of juicy developments ahead and fans can’t wait to watch it all play out. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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