June 15, 2017
Pro Cop Group Clashes With Eric Garner NYC Protesters During Pro-Police Movement [Video]

On Friday, December 20, a small group of pro-police supporters reportedly crashed an anti-brutality protest rally outside of New York's City Hall. Needless to say, the event went awry rather quickly. According to Village Voice, the pro-cop group put up a united front wearing shirts that read, "I Can Breathe, Because I Don't Steal."

Of course, many of the protesters, who were supporters of Eric Garner, were highly offended by the insensitive message which mocked Garner's last words. So while protesters were chanting, "Black lives matter," and "f--- the police," pro-cop supporters were chanting retorts like "get a job."

Here's the brash exchange that reportedly took place between protesters and cop supporters, according to Gothamist.

"F--- the police!" one black protester shouted.

"Why don't you get a job and get off welfare?" a pro-police demonstrator fired back.

"Where's your badge?" one woman asked a man alongside police supporters.

"It's in my pocket!" the man replied.

"Why don't you take it out?"

"I don't have to, I'm not on duty, b----!"

The controversial event was actually planned and announced via Facebook on the group page "Thank You NYPD." However, the notice for the event didn't necessarily insinuate that a pro-police rally would be taking place. Instead, the caption read, "a support group for the 35,000 men and women who are doing their very best to keep this city in order."

[Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language]

Unfortunately, the rally may have been in vain because less than 24 hours later, two NYPD officers were executed in Brooklyn. As previously reported, the alleged gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, reportedly stated that he intended to kill in order to avenge the deaths of both Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The untimely death of the two officers has sparked outrage among other NYPD officers, and has created a rift between law enforcement and New York mayor Bill de Blasio. Although many have taken action by protesting, many Americans still wonder if it serves a purpose or if it simply create more havoc. Some feel the approach is thwarted on both sides of the spectrum.

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