Emily Blunt Wants To Be A Gay Icon

Emily Blunt is more than familiar with the demographic of her fans, and because of this she wants to become a gay icon. The actress, who’s a key cast member in the ensemble film Into the Woods, spoke to the Advocate about her LGBT following.

“I know that’s my demographic. That’s been made clear to me by my fans. I love it. I think it’s so cool, because one day I hope to be a gay icon.”

Blunt pretty much has this in the bag. The journalist notes that she’s in a musical with gay icon Meryl Streep, and even wears a “party city wig” in the film. Emily seems amused by this, and jokes, “Oh, thank God! Now I just need to go to more gay clubs so I can really have a good time.”

As the jokes wound down, Emily got serious to touch on a very important issue in the LGBT community — one that she’s surprised is still something that we as a society are discussing.

“I’m shocked and appalled this is still an issue. I have friends who are with partners of the same sex. They have children and they are amazing parents. They’re far better than some 16-year-old who gets knocked up by her boyfriend. Why should she get more rights than they do? I just find that sickening.”

She continued, “There’s not enough support out there for [same-sex parents]. Everybody should have equal rights and everyone has the right to be a parent.”

Emily is a relatively new parent herself. She and husband John Krasinski welcomed daughter Hazel back in February of 2014. Of motherhood, Blunt told People Magazine that it is definitely what it’s cracked up to be.

“I know that everybody says that. Everybody says, ‘Oh it’s the best – it’s the best thing ever! You don’t know what to expect because it’s just completely, existentially out of anything that you’ve ever experienced before, and it’s quite indescribable.”

As far as being a mother, Blunt compared it to “heaven.”

As for working with the “other” gay icon, Meryl Streep, for a second time around, Blunt said, “To work with Meryl Streep again: It was an alluring idea. It was great. Not really a different dynamic, she’s torturing me yet again. I feel like I’m just forever destined to grovel at her feet on camera, ya know. It’s fine by me.”

The pair worked together in the film The Devil Wears Prada.

[Image via Disney]