December 22, 2014
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Arrested: Tears Out Hair Extensions After Denied Access To First-Class Lounge

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, goddaughter of Prince Charles, has been arrested at Heathrow Airport. The Mirror reports that the English socialite was taken into custody after throwing a tantrum, which included tearing out her own hair extensions, after she was denied access to the first-class lounge.

Tomkinson had planned to celebrate her birthday in Switzerland before the unfortunate incident. Witnesses say they heard a commotion and observed the 42-year-old woman as she hurled F-bombs at the officers. Police finally gained control of the situation and slapped handcuffs on the unruly woman before she was taken to jail.

According to the Daily Mail, the scuff up was caught on tape, which shows the socialite actually tearing out portions of her hair extensions. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who claims to have autism, also has had a history of problems and erratic behavior stemming from drugs and alcohol abuse since her teen years, according to the BBC News. It was rumored that Tara flashed her breasts at Prince William many years ago. While many admit that Tara Palmer Tomkinson comes from a very prestigious family, she is mostly famous because of her close association with Prince Charles, who is said to have taken ski lessons from Tomkinson's father.

In 2002, The London Evening Standard reported that Tara Palmer was taking a shower when she heard intruders breaking into her room. Here is how she describes the experience.

"It was a little after five in the morning when I got up and went downstairs to take a shower. I'm not usually conscious at that hour but I was being picked up at seven in order to attend a breakfast meeting with Christy Turlington. I was so worried I wasn't going to wake up that I got up extra early. I opened my bedroom window, had a shower and literally two minutes after I came out again I could hear two people come in through the skylight. I heard a clattering sound and a thud. It was awful. I literally wet myself I was so frightened. They must have heard me downstairs because I shouted at them to f*** off.()I just decided I could never ever stay the night there again. That evening I checked into a hotel in Jermyn Street - I had won a free night's stay there at a raffle a few months before - and slept for 13 hours. I felt so secure."
In addition to Tara Palmer Tomkinson's airport arrest, the Inquisitr has previously reported on the arrests of several other high profile people, including Waka Flocka.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]