December 21, 2014
Sony Hackers 'GOP' Mock FBI, Hacktivist Group 'Anonymous' Threatens More Hacks, Twitter Account Gets Suspended

The Hacktivist Group "Guardians Of Peace" made national headlines last month when they hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment, leaking incriminating corporate emails that now have the massive entertainment subsidiary under great scrutiny. Although most of the group's messages have been in response to Sony, there's reportedly a new message the hackers are sending. This time, they're aiming for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reports Hollywood Reporter.

The new, cryptic message mocks the FBI with seemingly "commendable" remarks about the investigation. The sarcastic remarks also include a small token of their "appreciation." The "gift" is a YouTube link that directs to a black and white animated music video titled, "You Are An Idiot."

By GOPThe result of investigation by FBI is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing with your own eyes.We congratulate you success.FBI is the BEST in the world.

You will find the gift for FBI at the following address.


The attack on Sony reportedly followed the protest of the film company's plans to release The Interview. The controversial Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg-directed film, which is a comedic sketch about the assassination North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was tentatively scheduled to be released to theaters nationwide on Christmas Day. However, the film company decided against releasing the upcoming film when the hackers reportedly threatened to result to violence, extortion, and blackmail if the film was released. Due to the highly publicized corporate hack, the company took the threats quite seriously, although President Obama opposed the decision to ax the film.

However, things reportedly got a little more confusing when another hacktivist group released a statement in reference to the film. "Anonymous" is actually demanding that the film be released on Christmas Day, according to the original plans. The letter, which was reportedly addressed to Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton, insists that the film be released or there could be consequences -- more hacks to be exact. Although "Anonymous" has been quite vocal via Twitter, it appears the group won't be making anymore threats through the social media network. Apparently, the main account @TheAnonMessage has been suspended. Needless to say, many users are quite flabbergasted by the news.

Here's some of the reactions:

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