Mariah Carey’s Horrendous Live Mic Feed: You’ll Want Earplugs For Christmas After This [Video]

Mariah Carey’s live performance at the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center was less than stellar. In fact, according to Bustle, and anyone who has heard it, it was horrible.

In fact, her live rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” had all those listening to Mariah’s isolated live mic feed wanting earplugs.

Carey was originally supposed to record her song the night before. However, Carey was too busy handling a phone call with her lawyers discussing her divorce to Nick Cannon to show up on time.

Carey, was actually three hours late to the pre-taping, according to Rare, “leaving her crew and her fans waiting in the cold rain waiting for her to perform. Carey was willing to do just about anything to be put back into the show.”

NBC gave Carey a major stipulation. Mariah had to sing live during the Wednesday evening show. No backing tracks, no pre-recorded song, nothing. She had to sing in all her glory.

Unfortunately for Carey, that didn’t fair too well with her, and a video was leaked of Mariah Carey’s live singing voice only. The video spread like wildfire, while the pop star is vastly collecting criticism.

Yes, the weather was cold, and it is difficult to perform live when you are wearing an evening gown in freezing weather. However, after numerous reports of Mariah Carey’s “diva” attitude, it’s hard to muster up pity.

The Inquisitr recently reported Carey is being sued by her former employee for “failing to pay overtime and requiring her to work seven days a week without meal breaks.”

Ysler Oliver, 49, who worked for Carey for a period of seven years, said she worked herself to the bone, 16 hours a day for the “demanding self-style pop princess.” I’m sure Oliver is cutting Carey no slack and is probably chuckling on the inside over this latest fiasco.

[Photo Credit: Huffington Post]