‘SNL’ Gives Ode To The Office Christmas Party With This Music Video

The office Christmas party is a holiday staple for many places of business. However, they are also known for many times providing a little comic relief to the holiday season. Therefore, Saturday Night Live made a music video featuring all the things that can go wrong, or amazingly right, during the office tradition.

SNL pokes fun at all office Christmas parties by starting the video with a group of less-than-enthusiastic party-goers. Anyone who has been required to attend an office Christmas party knows, generally half of all those in attendance would rather be somewhere else since they spend 40 hours a week with these people.

Fortunately for these officer workers, one man’s dream comes true when he wishes for the party to be bangin’ and the lame Ghostbusters music to cease. The result is some common office Christmas party staples such as the overly-drunk woman from new media, the surprisingly talented woman singing karaoke from payroll, and various drunken happenings that make the party more bearable for the formerly bored office party people.

What do you think of the office Christmas party spoof? Did SNL leave out any common office party fails? What would you like to see in the video that was missing?