Elton John And David Furnish Share Wedding Photos

Elton John and David Furnish wed Sunday in a simple ceremony with a small group of loved ones. Now they’re sharing shots from the wedding on Instagram so fans and followers can share in their special day.

Elton John made the announcement via Twitter Saturday afternoon that interested fans could share the love by following his and David’s Instagram accounts. Below, you can see the images compiled from both accounts together in one place.

David started posting Saturday night, with a shot of the wedding invitations and the ring bearers’ shoes by the fire.

Then, the couple both posted the shot of them doing ‘the legal bit’ — filling out the official paperwork together before the ceremonial portion of the wedding.

Here’s the registrar, welcoming guests to Elton John and David Furnish’s wedding.

It's beginning!! The Registrar welcomes our guests. #ShareTheLove

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This is about as sweet as it gets. Elton says his older son snapped this shot of the younger boy cozied up between the two dads as they stood together at the altar. Elton John said in 2013, after adopting their youngest, Elijah, that he and their older son, Zachary, made their family complete, according to E! Online. Elijah sure looks like he’s complete, in this snap by Zachary, who’s only three himself.

Zachary grabs David's iPhone and takes a photo of his brother while we exchange our vows. #ShareTheLove

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Elton John and David Furnish exchange vows. Though the two had a bigger ceremony in 2005, the change in the world’s political and social climate has made marriage legal for so many more couples, and the two being able to legally wed shows we’ve come a long way.

The exchange of vows. #ShareTheLove

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Elton John compares the red roses to those from the ceremony in 2005, saying they brought the couple luck before. Considering that the pair had already been together 12 years before committing in a Civil Partnership in 2005, it seems like there’s probably something more than luck there. They are beautiful, though.

Elton John also shared images of the table settings and menus for the reception after the ceremony.

And the tables are set for a delicious lunch. #ShareTheLove

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Today's menu! #ShareTheLove

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According to CNN’s 2005 coverage, the ceremony back then was a small private affair, but fans threw their own celebrations in the streets surrounding the venue, and Elton John and David Furnish shared a massive “glitzy” bachelor party beforehand, attended by a host of celebrities. The pair was one of the first to take advantage of the U.K.’s then-new Civil Partnership laws.

Balancing private life and public life is a struggle for many celebrities, so keeping their ceremony small and sharing portions of it with the fans through social media was an excellent way for Elton John to keep that balance.