Mel B. Divorce Rumors Escalate As Stephen Belafonte Is Seen With Daughter In California

Stephen Belafonte and Mel B. divorce rumors are escalating, as the X Factor judge continues to hold back on commenting on the buzz regarding her medical condition and the state of her marriage. Belafonte has been seen in California with the couple’s daughter, while Mel seems to remain in the United Kingdom. Though the singer and reality TV star isn’t talking about what’s going on, extended family and sources indicate that things are not good between the two.

The buzz about a Mel B. divorce started after her hospitalization and fragile-looking state on The X Factor a week ago. Mel appeared to be in rough shape, and it is known she had been in the hospital. Her husband, Stephen Belafonte, has denied via Twitter that he did anything to harm his wife. However, she has yet to say anything to back his claims, which many fans find concerning.

Now the Mirror says close pals confirm that a Stephen Belafonte and Mel B. divorce is under consideration. The former Spice Girl singer is said to be traumatized and broken by recent relationship issues, and supposedly she knows her marriage is over.

While nobody knows as of yet just what led to her hospitalization, sources indicate that Belafonte didn’t visit her in the hospital or on the X Factor set. In fact, it is said that he flew to California with their daughter, Madison, in the midst of all of the singer’s issues, which fans certainly find odd. Pals say that his taking off for California with the 3-year-old is the last straw regarding their marriage as far as she is concerned.

While Belafonte has been denying he did anything to harm Mel, the singer is said to be angry that he’s saying that nothing is wrong. So far, her rep is saying nothing regarding the rumors and speculation. As her family and Belafonte’s brother are speaking out encouraging the former Spice Girl to end her marriage, the Daily Mail reports that she has canceled an eye operation in the wake of the buzz.

Mel B. was set to have an operation in Los Angeles to restore sight in her left eye. The procedure would correct an issue that came from laser surgery 15 years ago. She had recently talked about how the surgery would be life-changing, and her rep confirmed the surgery was slated to take place in the coming weeks. However, her rep says that since Mel is still in the U.K., and hasn’t returned to Los Angeles yet, the surgery has been postponed.

Though Belafonte’s comments have been all over the place, reports have indicated that Mel has moved out of the home the couple shared in the U.K. While so far talk of a Stephen Belafonte and Mel B. divorce is all speculation, fans would say that signs certainly seem to be pointing in that direction.

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