December 21, 2014
Teen Brother Saves 4-Year-Old Sister From Lancaster Kidnapper Earl Williams

A 13-year-old Lancaster teen is a hero tonight for saving his little 4-year-old sister from a kidnapper. ABC News is reporting that on Saturday morning, the teen brother caught 61-year-old Earl Williams kidnapping his baby sister from their home in California.

According to police, an older man was seen walking around outside a home in the 300 block of West Kildare Street. That's when police say the teenager observed the man ask the 4-year-old girl her name before grabbing her hand, picking her up, and making off with the young girl.

Instead, her brother sprung into action by grabbing the suspect and screaming for neighbors to alert the authorities. When law enforcement officers arrived, neighbors were able to direct them to where to find attempted kidnapper Earl Williams.

He was arrested on the spot and carted off to the local county jail, where he sits on $100,000 bond. According to ABC-7, Jasmine Watts, another woman who lives in the area, made contact with Earl Williams just before he tried to abduct the 4-year-old girl. According to that witness, he approached her and continued yelling out for the woman to come over to him with her young child.

"He was just calling me, 'Hey, come here. Come here.' I don't know this guy, never seen him before. He was already talking to himself when me and my son came outside, so I'm just like, 'Okay, this is really weird."

Thanks to the Lancaster teen, the community can feel a lot more safe knowing that Earl Williams is off the streets tonight. They expressed how proud they were of the young man who saved his sister on ABC-7's Facebook page.

"Greatest big brother ever! What a courageous little boy."

"Great job young man!!!! You're an awesome big brother!!!!"

"Get that young man an extra Christmas gift! He definitely deserves it!!!!"

"Thank you Lord for putting her brother at the right place in the right time."

"Death to all pedophiles!"

The town's sheriff deputy, Mighuel Ruiz, is equally proud of the young man for acting quickly to prevent what could have turned out to be a great tragedy, according to KABC-TV.

"He was definitely quick on his feet.()He's very responsible for his family and obviously his 4-year-old sister. So at this point, he is our hero for today."

The names of the 13-year-old boy and his sister were not provided by the police department. Last month, Inquisitr reported on a Utah father who saved his five-year-old daughter from a kidnapper.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]