Video Of 13 Dogs, 1 Cat Enjoying A Holiday Meal With Human Hands Goes Viral [Video]

A viral holiday video features a group of 13 dogs and one cat, all of whom are enjoying a holiday meal together. The catch: the animals all have human hands. This isn’t the first viral video to feature the “dog with human hands” trick. However, with all the holiday flare, it went viral fast. In just one week, the video was viewed over 3.8 million times!

In the video, you see all the dogs sitting around a table. The single cat is sitting at the head of the table. You see a large holiday feast and, of course, lots of holiday décor. At the start of the video, you see silver trays of food being placed in front of the animals. The silver lids are lifted and the cat at the head of the can be seen tapping his glass in preparation for the meal. The dogs then begin to eat. Some are more tidy in their appearance, while others seem to forgo the use of utensils.

The adorable video was uploaded by Fresh Pet, a pet food company that has a mission to bring the power of fresh, real food to dogs and cats.

What do you think of the viral holiday video featuring dogs with human hands? Is it cute or just creepy?