‘The Voice’s’ Alison Haislip: ‘I Need To Be A Superhero… Or Super Villain!’

Alison Haislip, who served as Backstage and Social Networking Correspondent during the first season of NBC’s The Voice, is hoping to trade in her microphone for a cape and leotard.

Haislip, who cut her teeth as a correspondent and sometimes co-host of the now defunct geek culture outlet Attack of the Show! on the also now defunct G4 Network, told Between the Sheets host Josh Macuga that she is focused on resuming her acting pursuits now that her hosting commitments are through.

Haislip, whose bona fide nerddom led her to be plucked from her bartending job to join AOTS, studied theater at Boston College and the British American Drama Academy, and had moved from her hometown Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, to L.A. to pursue acting. She stumbled into hosting when a producer for G4 took note of her geeky sensibilities, particularly the Nintendo charm she displayed proudly, and convinced her to join the likes of Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira on the network formerly called Tech TV in 2007. Her authenticity and girl-next-door attractiveness made her instantly popular, and resulted in a still supportive and adoring fan base.

“I’ll be perfectly honest… I’m not a good host unless I really care about the subject matter. I loved my gig at G4 and I had so much fun doing it because G4 allowed me to be me, which is why I was good at it. I’m pretty good at being me.”

When asked by Macuga if she was interested in landing typical chick flick roles and starring alongside the likes of Ryan Gosling, Haislip immediately balked at the suggestion.

“No! F**k that s**t! At some point in my life I need to be a superhero, or a super villain. And I’d also love to be a series regular on a comedy, because I like making people laugh.”

Haislip, who was succeeded in her role on The Voice by singer Christina Milian in the show’s second season, also carried out sideline duties during the second and third seasons of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. Since that time, Haislip has appeared in guest starring roles on hit network shows Bones and NCIS. Haislip hopes to continue building upon the early success afforded her by the loyal G4 audience, and is considering writing her own project to make her superhero, or super villain, fantasy come true.

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