Pregnant Women Dancing In 'Santa Baby Kmart Joe Boxer Commercial 2014' Goes Viral: #ShowYourJoe Gets 930K YouTube Views In 21 Days

There's a YouTube video that's consistently going viral, and I learned about it when a couple of people from my boot camp class asked me if I'd seen the video of the commercial of pregnant women dancing their butts off. I immediately Googled and searched YouTube for the video of the pregnant women dancing, and found this "Santa Baby | Kmart Joe Boxer Commercial 2014" video on YouTube, with the "#ShowYourJoe" hash-tagged video up to more than 930,000 views on YouTube in 21 days.

The YouTube video of the pregnant women dancing was uploaded on December 1, and by December 21, nearly one million views had rolled into the video – making it quite a successful social media campaign. With the pregnant women dancing better than some non-pregnant women, viewers might wonder – as did this reporter – are these women really pregnant, or are they wearing those false bellies to make them look pregnant?

According to what Diane Vaccaro, CFO for Kmart Apparel, told USA Today, these dancing pregnant women are really pregnant in the Kmart ad, a commercial that was designed as a follow-up to reach out to women in the wake of the successful ‪Show Your Joe‪ commercial one year ago, which has racked up 18,507,431 views on YouTube and counting. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Joe Boxer commercial with men wasn't without controversy.

"We needed a 'reveal' that could extend the story from the men's line. We sell a lot of women's PJs this time of year."

Vaccaro also states that at least one of the five pregnant women in the Kmart dancing commercial has given birth, reported Yahoo! Parenting.

The popular commercial of the pregnant dancing women – which was filmed by agency FCB for Joe Boxer – began gaining buzz one day after being uploaded to YouTube, when it received more than 215,000 YouTube views, according to Yahoo! News.

Kmart VP of public relations Jamie Stein told Yahoo! Parenting that the popularity of pajamas – specifically during the magical time of Christmas – is what drove them to bring in a novel idea of pregnant women dancing in their PJs to YouTube, in hopes of a viral hit.

"PJs are such a big part of holiday traditions, with people often giving them as gifts and families wearing them Christmas morning. So we thought this would be a neat way to bring ladies in on the act this year and celebrate these bellies as a fun and festive new twist."

With all these YouTube views of the pregnant dancing women nearly hitting one million views in three weeks, it looks like their plan worked.

[Image credit: Kmart pregnant dancing women]