December 21, 2014
Al Sharpton: Twitter Hashtag #PigSharpton Accuses Sharpton Of Inciting Riots And Accessory To Murder, Should He Face Charges?

Al Sharpton is facing scrutiny following the death of two NYPD cops in Brooklyn on Saturday, December 20. Although he didn't commit the crime, he's suffering lots of backlash because it happened following the riots and protests he supported. However, that's not all. Many avid supporters of law enforcement are blaming his recent march against police violence for the death of the two police officers, reports the International Business Times.

For those who missed it, Rev. Sharpton made headlines earlier this week after protesters were caught on tape chanting, "What do we want? Dead cops!" Now, just a week after the march, there are two dead NYPD officers. To make matters worse, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the alleged shooter who assassinated the two officers, took to Instagram with chilling details about his plans.

Brinsley wrote, "I'm putting wings on pigs today."

Brinsley, who was reportedly associated with the Black Guerilla Family, made it clear that his purpose for killing was to avenge the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, who were both killed by white police officers. Earlier this month, the infamous gang also released a threat about targeting white, on-duty police officers. Although the threats came before Rev. Sharpton's march, his influence is still considered a strong factor for the two fatalities.

Twitter users decided share their opinion of Sharpton's influence and how it contributed to the death of the officers. Last night, two hashtags #TurnYourBack and #PigSharpton began circulating via Twitter. Hundreds of users expressed their disapproval of Rev. Sharpton's views and his brand of "justice." Needless to say, many are now posing the question of whether or not he should be charged with inciting riots and accessory to murder.

Here are some of the tweets.

Do you feel Al Sharpton should be charged inciting riots And accessory to murder? Share your thoughts.

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