Justin Bieber Reveals Hailey Baldwin Wears His Clothes: No Romance, Really?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s relationship has come under scrutiny once again, after an Instagram conversation between the two revealed the model wears the “Baby” singer’s clothes.

Specifically, his drop-crotch sweatpants.

The pair, who have been pals since 2009, previously denied they are in a romance, after they were frequently seen hanging out together in recent weeks. But, some fans are now wondering if their relationship is changing, after yesterday’s reveal.

On Saturday, (December 20), Hailey posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing white sweat pants teamed with a black crop top, black shirt and matching boots.

The 18-year-old captioned the shot, “Hiii Sham.”

It was a cute snap but nothing more. However, all hell broke loose after Justin left a jokey comment at the model’s Instagram page, revealing she borrows and shares his clothes.

Justin Bieber

Writing in the comments section beneath the picture, the Canadian quipped, “Gimme back my sweats d**k.”

To which, Hailey responded a little later, with, “No sorry they look better on me.”

Naturally, fans screenshot the conversation and have been obsessing about the clothes-sharing revelation ever since.

They’re not the only ones.

After weeks of claiming Justin and Hailey are in the throes of a major romance, Hollywood Life linked an Instagram pic of the singer posted taken on December 15, which appears to show him wearing the same sweat pants Hailey was pictured in days later.

Incidentally, Monday, December 15, was the same day Justin posted his statement on the photo-sharing network denying the dating rumors.

Alongside a black and white pic of the pair, the 20-year-old wrote, “People are crazy. I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.”

Justin’s denial followed Hailey’s similar one to E! News over two weeks ago, in which she said she had known the singer since she was 13 and had simply “stayed close.”

Hailey and Justin both deny they are in a romance

Despite the denials, Hollywood Life are claiming the Biebs’ denial is a “boyfriend move” to “hide” his romance with Hailey because he “doesn’t want to ruin it with scrutiny.”

The site, like other outlets, went on to note the pair’s half-naked hike in Runyon Canyon, California, numerous sightings at recording studios, their hang-outs back in New York City just after Thanksgiving, a seeming double-date with mutual pals Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown and an hours-earlier church visit in Washington state last weekend.

Justin and Hailey were spotted hiking at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, California on Saturday

Just last week, Justin posted an Instagram photo of himself after a Nerf gun face-off with Kendall and Hailey, followed by his next day late night trip to the MB2 Raceway Indoor Go-Karting Center in Los Angeles for a pal’s birthday with Hailey and a bunch of male friends.

Hollywood Life insist the newly platinum blonde Biebs and Baldwin indulged in PDA at the raceway, but TMZ did not claim that in their original report.

So, is Hailey’s wearing of Justin’s pants evidence of a growing, romantic feeling between the two pals?

There’s no denying the wearing of each other’s clothes is the kind of thing a boyfriend and girlfriend do. However, friends also share clothes. The other theory, is that this could all be one big, epic troll by Hailey and Justin since so many are speculating about the nature of their relationship.

As of now, it’s believed Justin has returned to his native Canada for the Christmas break, after posting a pic of himself standing on the steps of his private jet.

For her part, after a shopping trip in West Hollywood with close friend Kylie Jenner, Hailey — who was still wearing Justin’s sweatpants — later tweeted about missing her flight back to NYC, posting a photo to her Shots page, captioned, “aaaannndddddd I missed my flight lol, and then, “I MISSED MY FLIGHTTTTT GET ME OUT OF CALI.”

Hailey in THOSE sweatpants, out shopping with Kylie in West Hollywood on Saturday, December 21

Meanwhile, despite overwrought stories at Hollywood Life claiming Justin and Hailey are “ruining Christmas” for his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez — who, it’s claimed, is “obsessed” with Justin and “having a major breakdown” — the starlet looked happy enough in several posts she uploaded to Instagram on Saturday night.

In a video of a mixed group of Selena’s family and friends gathered in an outside setting in her home state, the pop princess declared, “TEXAS. WE ARE OUR OWN STATE,” adding “#hayrides #glowsticks” as hashtags.

Of course, there was that earlier — now denied — Us Weekly report which claimed Selena had an emotional episode at Taylor Swift’s recent 25th birthday party.

In closing: interesting as the revelation that Hailey wears Justin’s clothes is, it isn’t actually definitive proof that they are romantically involved. Perhaps it’s time for everyone to simply accept that Justin and Selena have broken up, and they are both free to befriend and date whomsoever they please.

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