‘American Horror Story’ Star Naomi Grossman Talks About Pepper

American Horror Story often takes advantage of what may be mankind's greatest flaw and that is that we all too often judge a book by its cover. The greatest example of this is perhaps Naomi Grossman's AHS alter ego, Pepper.

Fans of American Horror Story were first introduced to Pepper in season two of American Horror Story, when it was revealed that this simple, homely woman had come to the asylum after having murdered an infant and slicing off the inoffensive baby's ears. It was easy to see her as a dangerous creature, even before that great revelation, but, as the most recent episode of American Horror Story reminded its viewers, things are not always as cut and dry as they seem. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Naomi Grossman expounds upon the intense interest viewers, as well as producers, of American Horror Story have shown in Pepper.

"I feel like I've been the chosen one the entire time and I don't know how it happened to me. I was the chosen one to crossover seasons, I was the chosen to tie the seasons together, I was the chosen to be the first monster. I'm the chosen one who's not an A-lister. The producers listen. And fans spoke and demanded some character arc for Pepper. They got some, but killed her off before we got to know her (in American Horror Story: Asylum). For all we know, Pepper could've inspired Freak Show. She's freak personified."
In a second interview, this time with People, Naomi Grossman was asked to ponder Pepper's nature and whether or not she is as much of an aggressor as the stories of Asylum and Freak Show would have viewers believe.
"I mean, in Episode one, she chopped up the cop with the other freaks. … That was as part of the freaks. It was a freak effort. I think she's a team player and she goes along with the group. If anything, if she gets involved in something that might be referred to as aggressive, it's probably because she's being steamrolled by the others. I'd call her playful. Playful and innocent.And a victim, ultimately."
There's no doubt that Naomi Grossman's portrayal of Pepper has drawn the attention of filmmakers and fans alike, so there is little surprise that Grossman has already been cast in an upcoming horror film, The Chair, which will be due out in early 2015. Naomi Grossman has definitely made an impression on viewers of American Horror Story, as well as on Ryan Murphy.

"I'd like to think this role secured my place at the AHS table. I'm in [Ryan Murphy's] Rolodex– and that's a good place to be."

Will viewers ever see Pepper again? Pepper's future with American Horror Story remains unclear and long-time fans of AHS will remember that everyone's favorite freak died, but that doesn't mean Naomi Grossman won't return in another American Horror Story role. After all, not every actress would be willing to shave their heads completely bald for an entire season. Of course, there is always the possibility that there will be an opportunity to tell more of Pepper's story in future seasons of American Horror Story.

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